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3 Outdoor Projects That Can Enhance Curb Appeal & Home Value (and Hide that You’re a Dog Owner!)

Brie Stephens

Brie has always been a devoted enthusiast of the Lake Life lifestyle, with an unwavering passion for New Hampshire and its charming Lakes Region...

Brie has always been a devoted enthusiast of the Lake Life lifestyle, with an unwavering passion for New Hampshire and its charming Lakes Region...

Jun 7 6 minutes read

3 Outdoor Projects That Can Enhance Curb Appeal & Home Value (and Hide that You’re a Dog Owner!)

Written by Medina James

Are you preparing to sell your home? Then you should think about looking for projects that will ensure your home will make a lasting impression on potential buyers. Also known as boosting curb appeal, focusing on the outside of your home is one of the best tactics for attracting more viewings, more interest and eventually more offers. It’s even more important to tidy up your outdoors spaces if you have a beloved pooch that’s done some damage to your front or back yard. Potential buyers may be turned off if they think your home comes with outdoor (or indoor) doggy damage.

If you want your listing to stand out to potential homebuyers, the Lake Life Realty Team suggests you consider working on one of these projects first:

Get Your Gardens in Top Shape 

If you are thinking about selling your home now or in the future, you should know that gardens can boost appeal for potential buyers. More than ever, folks are looking for relaxing and beautiful outdoor spaces when they are looking for new homes. So you should be sure that your home’s gardens are spruced up before you think about having photos taken or having your home listed.

Don’t have a lot of gardening experience? Then look for local gardeners who can provide the expert guidance and help you need to get your flowers, plants and trees into shape. A professional gardener can assist you with just about any garden-related task, from planting new flowers to planning new designs to weeding existing gardens. If you are looking to keep costs low and maintenance to a minimum, you should also ask your professional gardener about waterwise garden options. The plants used in these eco-friendly and cost-effective gardens can vary by geographical area, so having expert help can really come in handy.

Give Your Landscaping a Makeover 

Having luscious gardens in either the front or back of your home can help add value and appeal, but you also need to pay close attention to your lawn. A healthy and green lawn can really help your home stand out from the competition and can attract more interest from buyers, so make sure you know which steps are most important when it comes to keeping your front lawn vibrant. Maintaining a green lawn can require ample watering, frequent weeding and consistent fertilizing.

If you do not have time to tend to these tasks on your own, you may want to ask your gardener about helping out with these projects as well, or at least ask for recommendations for a professional lawn care service. Using lawn care companies can be a smart move anyhow when you are trying to sell a home, since you won’t have to worry about keeping up with any mowing or weeding on your own. Then you can spend your time on other projects that will help you make a killer first impression, like adding porch decor or cleaning up exterior areas.

Lastly, take a look at any trees in your yard and determine if there are any that need to be removed. Dead or dying trees not only look bad, but they can also pose a significant risk to your property. Hire professionals to remove the tree (you can find tree-removal companies on sites like, though you need to prepare yourself for the cost. If the tree in question is large or difficult to remove, you could pay upwards of $1,600 before all is said and done. It’s also a good idea to ask questions to determine if there are any hidden fees you need to know about.

Highlight Your Added Curb Appeal 

If you are going to put time, energy and money into adding curb appeal to your property, you want to make sure that buyers will be able to see all your improvements. Exterior lighting is an effective way to accomplish this, and will help your home make the best first impression. In fact, even well-placed exterior lighting is one of the top home features that buyers look for when they are searching for a new home, and outdoor lighting is the second most-desired outdoor feature sought after by buyers.

You can enhance your home’s exterior glow with pendant lights on the porch, spotlights along the walls and walkway lights along sidewalks and paths. In addition to boosting your home’s curb appeal, adding exterior lights can also provide some added safety and security. If you are interested in further increasing safety and security for your home, you can also think about adding motion-sensing lights to the exterior, which can be low-cost deterrents for would-be criminals, or you could even invest in smart lighting for your home. 

You would never go to a job interview without looking your best. So make sure your home looks its best before you list it on the real estate market. Because making the right first impression is essential for selling your home faster and for more money, and taking on projects that will enhance curb appeal is the most effective way of helping your home stand out to shoppers.

Are you looking to buy or sell a home in Moultonborough? Let the Lake Life Realty Team take the stress out of the process for you! Schedule a call using our online form or by dialing 603-819-8071.

Photo Credit: Pixabay

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