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5 Tips to Make Your Florida Move Easier for You and Your Pet

Brie Stephens

Brie has always been a fan of all things associated with Lake Life living...

Brie has always been a fan of all things associated with Lake Life living...

Aug 15 4 minutes read

5 Tips to Make Your Florida Move Easier for You and Your Pet

Written by Medina James

 If you are thinking about moving to Florida, you are not alone. According to data, almost 600 people move to the state every day. Moving from one state to another poses many challenges. For pet owners, the best way to get their furry friends from one place to another safely and help them settle in is an added concern. These tips can make the process easier for you and your pets.

1. Search for a Pet-Friendly Home

There are several factors to consider when choosing a pet-friendly home. First, are there any homeowner's association or other restrictions on certain types of pets in the neighborhood? How close are your neighbors? Are they likely to be annoyed if your dog barks while you are working during the day? How big is the house? Does it have a yard with a fence? Do the neighbors have pets? If you have an older pet, are there stairs that might be difficult to navigate? You can find some of this information online, but it may also be useful to work with a local real estate agent.

2. Purchase Homeowners Insurance

Florida is one of the top states for weather-related property insurance claims. It is essential to protect your home against damage from storms and other weather events by purchasing FL homeowners insurance. Your rates will be impacted by factors such as where the home is located, the cost of replacing the home, and the type of pets you have. Before you settle on an insurance provider, consider the coverage, costs, and benefits of the policies it offers.

3. Organize Your Vet Records

Before you move, pack a copy of your pet's vaccination records with your important documents. Your new vet may be able to electronically request records, but if a situation occurs during the move where you need to prove your pet has been vaccinated, it is a good idea to have these records handy. If your pet tends to be nervous or doesn't like traveling in the car, consider asking your vet for medication to help.

4. Help Your Pet Feel More Comfortable

If you are traveling by car, consider investing in a large, comfortable crate to keep your pet safe during the move. Include a soft bed or crate pad. If you are traveling with a cat, a portable litter box may be helpful. Portable food and water bowls are also a good investment. Look for reviews and recommendations from veterinarians. Customer reviews can be helpful, but products recommended by veterinarians are more likely to be healthy and safe. Seek out sites that include veterinarian reviews when shopping for products.

5. Pack a Pet Kit

Pack a pet kit that includes food, water, dishes, and treats for your pet. Include your pet's bed or a blanket. Make sure you have scoopers and bags for dogs and a litter box and litter for cats. Pack a leash or a harness. You may also want to include some first aid supplies in case your pet suffers an injury somewhere along the way.

It is important to protect yourself and your pet by having a moving plan that includes your pet's needs and making sure you purchase homeowners insurance. Incorporate these tips into your plan to ensure safe and happy relocation. Reach out to The Lake Life Realty Team to find the home of your dreams.

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