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Evergreen Elegance: Unveiling the Top Picks for Christmas Trees in the Lakes Region

Brie Stephens

Brie has always been a devoted enthusiast of the Lake Life lifestyle, with an unwavering passion for New Hampshire and its charming Lakes Region...

Brie has always been a devoted enthusiast of the Lake Life lifestyle, with an unwavering passion for New Hampshire and its charming Lakes Region...

Nov 22 9 minutes read

 Welcome to the Lakes Region, where holiday magic comes to life with the enchanting allure of Christmas trees! As the festive season draws near, the quest for the perfect evergreen companion begins. Join us on a delightful journey through this winter wonderland as we unveil the best spots to find Christmas trees that will not only adorn your home but also infuse it with the spirit of the season. Get ready to embark on a merry adventure filled with twinkling lights, the scent of fresh pine, and the joy of discovering the perfect tree for your holiday celebrations.

Spider Web Gardens 


 Nestled in the heart of Tuftonboro, Spider Web Gardens emerges as a shining star in the Lakes Region, offering not just Christmas trees but an entire festive experience! With a commitment to quality and a knack for outstanding customer service, Spider Web Gardens has become a beloved tradition for holiday enthusiasts.

As you wander through their 200-acre farm, surrounded by 16 greenhouses and 2 acres of field-grown trees, shrubs, and perennials, you'll feel the holiday spirit come alive. Spider Web Gardens isn't just about selling trees; it's a haven for those who appreciate the beauty of nature and sustainable practices. They champion the environment by promoting the use of native species and advocating for the mindful use of pesticides and fertilizers.

Spider Web Gardens isn't just a destination; it's a community hub. Their dedication to supporting local organizations adds an extra layer of warmth to the holiday season. As you navigate the bustling seasons of spring and early summer, you'll witness the farm in full swing, catering to retail and industry customers, landscapers, designers, and passionate gardeners.

Ready to elevate your holiday traditions? Swing by Spider Web Gardens and immerse yourself in a world of evergreen wonders! For more information, visit their website, and don't forget to follow them on Facebook  for a sneak peek into their festive offerings. 'Tis the season to make your Christmas tree hunt an unforgettable experience! 

Stephens Landscaping Professionals


 Looking to turn your Christmas into a landscape of festive perfection? Look no further than Stephens Landscaping Professionals in Moultonborough! Beyond their prowess in landscaping, this Lakes Region gem has mastered the art of bringing holiday cheer to your home.

As a professional landscape firm with a knack for learning, collaborating, and creating, Stephens Landscaping takes the magic of the season to a whole new level. With almost 50 passionate team members, they're not just about trees; they're about transforming landscapes into works of art.

From design and permitting to construction and maintenance, Stephens Landscaping Professionals go above and beyond to make your holiday season aesthetically pleasing, socially impactful, and environmentally responsible. Who knew Christmas trees could be so chic?

Ready to spruce up your holidays? Visit Stephens Landscaping Professionals' website for a glimpse into their festive offerings, and don't miss out on the behind-the-scenes action by following them on Facebook and Instagram. Let your holiday landscape dreams come true with Stephens Landscaping—where DESIGN meets BUILD, and you're left to ENJOY the festive magic! 

Glove Hollow Christmas Tree Farm


Nestled in the heart of Plymouth, Glove Hollow Christmas Tree Farm isn't just a place to snag a tree—it's a festive experience on 435 acres of pure holiday magic! Owned and operated by the Ahern family since 1897, this Lakes Region gem boasts over 75,000 trees, making it a haven for those seeking the perfect evergreen companion.

"GLOVE HOLLOW" isn't just a name; it's a nod to local history. Back in the early 1900s, the Draper-Maynard Co. crafted the finest leather gloves in the United States right here. Walk the farm, and you'll stumble upon the remnants of this bygone era—a piece of living history.

But it's not just about the trees. Glove Hollow offers a delightful atmosphere and fun for the whole family. Meet Lotus and the other resident goats, take a thrill ride down the 60-ft Tube Slide, and don't miss the Tree House/Observation Deck for a unique vantage point of the festive action.

Warm up by the fire with a cup of Hot Cocoa in their shop located in the upper lot, and explore the "Secret" Tunnel leading to the Viewing Tower, offering a 360° view of the farm. It's a tree-cutting extravaganza with a side of adventure!

As for prices, Glove Hollow ensures a fair deal for all. Choose-and-cut trees start at $75 during the Pre-Season (Nov 18 & 19), followed by $65 in the Regular Season (Nov 24 – Dec 18), and $62 in the Late Season (Dec 18 – Dec 24). Pre-cut trees, starting at $15, offer a variety based on height and shape.

Ready to embark on a tree-mendous journey? Head to Glove Hollow Christmas Tree Farm's website for more details, and follow the festive fun on Facebook and Instagram. The hunt for the perfect tree just got a whole lot merrier! 

Bald Peak Christmas Tree Farm


Embark on a tree-mendous adventure at Bald Peak Christmas Tree Farm in Tuftonboro—where cutting your own Christmas tree isn't just a tradition; it's a festive family affair that's been going strong for 25 years!

But here's the scoop for Christmas Season 2023: SUPPLY IS VERY LIMITED, so mark your calendars for November 24th, 25th, and 26th, from 9 am to 4 pm. Priced at $60 per tree up to 10' and $100 per tree over 10' (cash or check ONLY), these evergreens are worth their weight in holiday cheer.

With limited supply, it's a race against time to snag the perfect tree, and the Bald Peak team will keep you posted on potential post-Thanksgiving weekend openings based on availability. Trust us; you don't want to miss out on these fantastic prices and the vast selection of trees that keep families coming back year after year.

Pro tip from a satisfied tree-hunter: Bring your own saw because they only have so many! And speaking of satisfied customers, a delighted grandparent shared their joy in getting their grandson's first Christmas tree here. The staff's friendliness and helpfulness sealed the deal, making it a family tradition in the making.

Ready to make your holiday tradition tree-mendous? Stay in the loop by checking out Bald Peak Christmas Tree Farm on Facebook for the latest updates. The hunt for the perfect tree just got a whole lot merrier! 


Moulton Farm


  Prepare to be enchanted by the holiday spirit at Moulton Farm, a delightful haven tucked in the scenic beauty of Meredith, New Hampshire. With roots firmly planted in active farming since the 1890s, Moulton Farm is not just a location; it's a commitment to sustainable agriculture, providing top-notch fruits and vegetables while nurturing the land for generations to come.

The farm market, a culinary paradise open 7 days a week from 8 am to 5 pm, offers a delightful array of homegrown produce and freshly baked treats from the farm kitchen and bakery. Seafood lovers rejoice on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays when Sal's Fresh Seafood counter brings ocean-fresh delights directly from the fish pier in Boston.

As the seasons unfold, Moulton Farm transforms into a hub of fun. Fall brings a corn maze, pumpkin adventures, wagon rides, and more. In spring, summer, and fall, the garden center blooms with annuals, vegetable plants, perennials, and fruit trees perfectly suited to the lakes region climate. Gardening essentials, including soil amendments, await your green thumb.

Now, let's talk about the magic of the holidays! From late November, Moulton Farm becomes your Christmas tree haven. Choose from New Hampshire Christmas trees in various sizes, including the aromatic Fraser and balsam varieties. And oh, the wreaths! Crafted with care in snowflakes, stars, crosses, and more.

Seeking something custom? Just ask them! Moulton Farm is not just a farm; it's your accomplice in creating the perfect holiday ambiance. Stay updated on their festive offerings by following them on Facebook and Instagram. Ready for an unforgettable Christmas tree experience? Visit their website for more details. 

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