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Setting Up a Home Office in a Small Space: Quick Guide

Brie Stephens

Brie has always been a fan of all things associated with Lake Life living...

Brie has always been a fan of all things associated with Lake Life living...

Feb 3 4 minutes read

Setting Up a Home Office in a Small Space: Quick Guide

Written by Medina James

There are more people working from home now than there ever has been before. For the most part, this happened thanks to the pandemic. However, many businesses realized that their employees are performing better while working from home! As such, many are making the switch to remote work. Are you worried about working from home when you have a small space? Don’t worry, not everyone has the ability to set up a dedicated office room. Check out this guide on setting up a home office in your small living space!

Planning Your Space

When you’re trying to fit an office area into a small space, it’s important that you plan things in advance. Planning is the best way to make sure that your office space will work for you, as well as the rest of your home. Try and find an unused area in your home.

That area is going to be the best spot for your home office. Take measurements to determine what size desk or table you can set up there, as well as storage space. Make sure you’ve got outlets, too. You’ll need them to power your work electronics! You need access to electricity and wifi from that part of your home - otherwise, it’ll be hard to work.

Furnishing You Space

Before you can start getting your space decorated you’ve got to furnish it. This is where your plans are going to be put to use. You want to try and find furniture that’s going to make sense in the space. It would be unfortunate to order a desk that doesn’t end up fitting in the space you want to work in.

When you’re looking at furniture, think about options that provide built-in storage. This is going to help you keep your office area organized, and will separate your work and home life. Working from home may start to feel like you’re living at your job if you don’t put your office together correctly.

Adding Decor

Decor is important when it comes to an office space. When working in an office building, decor makes your office feel more like home. However, when you’re working from home, it makes your office area feel more like work. This is crucial to your productivity, of course. Decor should fall into two categories - functional and ornamental.

Functional Decor

Functional decor has a purpose. This is going to include wall calendars and planners. These are things that can keep your work on track. Working from home may be challenging if you can’t stay focused. Functional decor helps you keep that focus.

Ornamental Decor

Ornamental decor is mostly in your office space for looks. It makes your office space feel better. However, this also serves a purpose if you’re hosting clients. It makes them feel better, too. Some great ornamental decor options include house plants, wall art, and crystals. Crystals are versatile, and they come in unique shapes and stunning colors. They put off an energy that can make a space feel very inviting. Not sure what you’re after and want some examples? Click here to see minerals for sale.

Just because you live in a small space, it doesn’t mean that you can’t work from home. Small office spaces are often just as effective as larger ones, as long as they’re planned for accordingly. Get started in your small office today!

If you need a bigger home for your growing home office or business, get in touch with the experts at Lake Life Realty to find the perfect place. 

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