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How Dog Owners Can Be Better Neighbors and Good Pet Parents, Too!


How Dog Owners Can Be Better Neighbors and Good Pet Parents, Too!

Brie Stephens

Brie has always been a fan of all things associated with Lake Life living...

Brie has always been a fan of all things associated with Lake Life living...

Feb 21 4 minutes read

No matter how much you love (or don't love) your neighbors, your pet is one of the big loves of your life. The problem is, your neighbors definitely don't love your dog the same way you do. Avoid conflicts that can cause your neighborhood to feel a lot less like home, and learn how to be a better neighbor while continuing to be a great pet owner, too.

Neighborhood Dog Etiquette

When you're out walking your dog in the neighborhood, always use a leash (there are retractable ones available for under $20). This will keep your pet a lot safer, so you can prevent your pup from running into the street or into another person's yard. You neighbors will appreciate you leashing your dog, too. People naturally fear a dog that appears to be out of control, even if he’s just a tiny, friendly little pup.

Don’t forget your other dog-walking accessories when you’re out and about in the neighborhood. According to the Animal Humane Society, you should always bring along some baggies and a scooper with you so you can remove any waste your pet deposits in other people's yards or on the sidewalk. Even if your neighbors love you and your dog, they don't enjoy the little gifts your pet leaves behind.

Keep Your Dog Away From Other Dogs

You may be great friends with your neighbors, but that doesn't mean they want their dog to be friends with yours. Keep your dog away from other neighborhood dogs and pets because many pet owners prefer their animals not to socialize with others. Even if your pup is very friendly and well-behaved, don't make a decision for someone else. Don't let your pets socialize with other animals, unless their human owner invites you to do so.

Don't Invite Your Pet

When you're attending a neighborhood get-together or yard sale, don't invite your pet to come along with you. If the person hosting event says it's okay for you to bring your dog, that's fine, but inviting your pet on your own is considered to be extremely rude. Like you, your pet needs to receive an invitation before showing up to a neighborhood event.

Put Your Pet Away

When you're the one hosting, or if someone from the neighborhood stops by to say hello, either keep your pet in the house or put your dog inside a room in your home if neighbors are visiting you inside.

You may know that your dog is the sweetest and most lovable creature in the world, but many people are afraid of dogs of any size, and many more just plain don't like dogs (as unthinkable as it is). If your guests are staying for more than a few minutes, ask them if they mind if you let the dog out, and respond accordingly. According to Good Housekeeping, this is appropriate dog-owner etiquette, and your neighbors will appreciate how considerate you’re being of their needs.

Get A Fence

Install a fence to make sure your dog stays on your property. A fence will keep your dog from running into your neighbors’ yards, something they definitely won’t like. According to HomeAdvisor, the average cost of installing a new fence ranges from $1,645 to $3,951. A fence is a valuable home addition as well and can actually increase the resale value of your property.

Better Dog Etiquette

Practice good dog etiquette at all times, and you’ll be the kind of neighbor that neighbors actually like to have. You can still exercise good manners toward your neighbors and be a perfect pet parent at the same time. Practice good manners as a pet owner, and you won’t give the people in your neighborhood anything to complain about!

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